Not even going to bother…

with apologizing, I know I suck at life at this point. I just need to vent. Forgive me?

I FUCKING HATE SNOWBIRDS. Go back to fucking whatever cold ass state you came from and stop fucking congesting my freeways and crowding my shopping establishments. You can’t deal with this state when its surface of the sun hot, you don’t get to enjoy the cooler weather either. Just pack up and go home NOW. You are not welcome here and everyone that lives here full time hates your fucking guts.


And take your shitastic weather with you, its driving me batshit.

Okay, rant over, I think. Other things have been driving me crazy, but in an effort to stay positive, I’m going to try and avoid the negative. What’s been going on, you ask?

Well, we have a date, time, and location for our wedding. Head on over HERE to check out all the details!

I got a “real” engagement ring. You can see the pretty shiny HERE!

We’re having Christmas dinner at our house!

I have a bottle of wine that I have every intention of finishing tonight. I’m two glasses in and feeling fantastic. I also have some Lindor truffles that have improved my night considerably.

Joe made dinner tonight and I helped! I’ll also be making dinner tomorrow night, Jambalaya!

Well, I’m on my third glass of wine, Joe is snoring on the couch and I keep getting distracted by the tv , so I will post again when I post again!