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I feel like every time I log on to blog, I lose all interest, so I put it off for weeks on end. Its not like I don’t have things to talk about. I have the wedding, school, the job hunt, my crazy family, and all the things that seem to come crashing down around you when you announce to your family that you’ve decided to marry the man of your dreams. There are so many societal rules when it comes to getting married that if I wasn’t my mom’s only girl I’d run off to the courthouse and just get it all over with.

But I’ve got those pesky little things called dreams. I’ve dreamed of my dress since I was a little girl, and whenever I pictured my wedding day, I was surrounded by my family and friends. And then lets add in the fact that my mom would be absolutely crushed if I were to get married without her there. So a wedding it is.

Part of me is excited, really excited. And then another part of me is dreading everything. I hate planning and organizing almost as much as I hate being the center of attention. I’mt not the most coordinated of people in the world, and I’m terrified of embarrassing myself in front of everyone. Adding a 20 pound dress and heels into the mix is definitely not going to help in that department.

But I know that if I don’t have the wedding I want, I will end up resenting myself and Joe because we settled. We took the easy way out when what I wanted was just out of reach. We’re being responsible and saving the money before we do anything, which means its going to take a bit longer to have what I want. I’ve waited four years, I don’t think a few more months is going to be a problem. We’re keeping the guest list small, so even if we do have a full reception, it won’t be that expensive.


4 thoughts on “Life and other adventures

  1. Just make sure you don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want! Wedding planning can definitely be stressful. It might be the first time you’ve found yourself having to tell a lot of people, and loved ones, NO. You can do it 🙂

    • Yea, I’ve already had to have that convo with my mom. She doesn’t understand that we can’t afford to invite my entire extended family, so I had to tell her it was just going to be an immediate family only event so that we didn’t have to drop $10,000 on the reception. She was upset, but understood.

      • We spent about $3,500 cutting as many corners as we could. No DJ, just played CDs. Large food platters bought from ACME and made by friends. Bulk purchased alcohol and got two bartenders off Craigslist. Got married at my job, which happens to be a beautiful building. Homemade invitations from a kit at Staples. One of the most expensive things was the flowers, but you can’t really cut many corners on fresh flowers.

      • We’re planning on going to Vegas, and a lot of the hotels have all inclusove packages that aren’t horribly expensive, its just the food that adds up. And the venue we want to use can only hold 100 people, which we would easily overfill if we invited everyone that wants to come. And to be honest, I just don’t really want all those people there. I love them all, but I have enough anxiety problems as it is, that many people would just bring on a massive panic attack that I don’t want to deal with on such a big day.

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