I’m a bad blogger



I know, I haven’t blogged in forever. In my defense, life has been bat shit crazy over the last few months and I just haven’t had the energy. My migraines have been allover the place, and then on top of everything else, I got my monthly visitor two days ago. Except I NEVER get one of those because of the bc method I’m using. So now I’m freaked out about that too. I actually had a purpose in writing today, I’ve started a private blog that is going to be like a journal for me(hence, why it is password protected and invite only), and I’d like to extend an invitation to anyone here that would like to read it. It will definitely be more”personal” than this blog and deal with slightly more sensitive topics (another reason for it to be private), so please don’t ask to read it unless you actually want to read it. I only have eight more slots available, so if you are interested, leave your username in the comments and I will send you an invite. At this time, it is only open to other wordpress users.


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