The Wheels On The Bus…



Joe decided it was time for me to go to urgent care yesterday when I broke down crying because I forgot to wash his pants the night before. Yea, that bad. Migraines are a bitch, seriously. So what do I get for my troubles? Two shots in the ass and some pills that knocked me out cold for a solid 8 hours. We got home around 10:30am, Joe didn’t wake me up till around 6:30pm. I ate dinner, acted like a normal human being for a few hours, and then went to bed at 9:30pm last night. Joe said I was snoring by the time he came to bed like 10 minutes later. Now I know why babies are so cranky after they get shots, I was grumpy like a mofo all day today. Thank goodness I’m not on the phones all that long, I think people would have gotten an earful if I was talking to them for longer than 30 seconds.

On the good news side of things, I only had to take one pill today, AND I didn’t have ANY coffee at work! Go me! I usually have 2-4 cups at work, so considering everything, that is a major improvement for me. It probably won’t happen tomorrow, but we’ll see. I had half a cup this morning (I was still pretty nauseous), a caramel ribbon something or other from starbucks this afternoon, and a big soda with dinner, but I can’t quit cold turkey. I’ll go through withdrawals, and it won’t be pretty.

Joe gave me the okay to find a primary care doctor so I can get on some migraine control medication, and he’s also agreed to one other REALLY BIG thing, but I’ll save that for when it actually happens. Goodnight everyone!


9 thoughts on “The Wheels On The Bus…

  1. I used to suffer from migraines, I’d bang my head against a wall literally. Mine was sugar related, too much and I’d get sick. caffiene is a big one. Also, do you use artificial sweetners like sweet n low? They can cause it too! Hope that helps and you feel better!

    • I’ve had migraines since I was 12, they are hormonal for me. I’d had the one from yesterday for like 3 days and Joe pretty much forced me to go to urgent care. I do use artificial sweeteners at work for coffee, but at home I use good ole fashioned sugar. I know what causes them, but I’d have to rip out my uterus to stop them, so meds is the next best things, unfortunately.

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