I’m alive… kind of

Photo on 6-28-13 at 7.20 PM

Well that’s awesome, gotta love photo booth 🙂

No, I’m not ACTUALLY floating amongst the clouds, I was just messing around with photo booth on my computer. For free software that came with the computer, its kind of awesome. Might have to see what else I can do…

So ummm, yea. Life. June has been a hell of a month. I’m going to be really glad when its over. My little brother is turning 21 on Sunday though, so at least there is one bright side to this whole month. Joe and I are both gainfully employed, and we’re all caught up on our bills. We even had a surplus of cash last week, so we went to a fancy schmancy fish restaurant and ate way too much soft shell crab. I didn’t have an allergic reaction to everything, and we went on our merry way home and promptly PTFO’d. And I’ve had a low grade migraine all week that decided it would choose today of all days to try and squeeze my brain out of its skull, so I shall be looking into the health insurance I pay out the ass for and seeing if I can afford to go to the doctor and get some control medication. It would be really great to not feel like the world is caving in around me, ya know?

Otherwise, its been rather uneventful for the last couple of weeks. What have you guys been up to?


3 thoughts on “I’m alive… kind of

    • It was WONDERFUL. I’m picky about my seafood, and I’m a spoiled California brat, so I’ve been kind of leery about trying it out here. But it was ridiculously good. Overpriced, but there aren’t too many places to get good seafood out here, so what are you going to do?

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