Yes, I realize I’m a flake-tastic flake

In my defense, my computer’s hard drive crashed almost two weeks ago (It’ll be two weeks this Monday), the A/C unit in my house died the following Thursday, we didn’t get to move back into our house until this Tuesday, AND I have two HUGE research projects due this week, plus a power point presentation to go along with each paper. To say I’m tired is an understatement of ridiculous proportions. So what are we doing today? I’m donating blood this afternoon, Joe is making fish tacos for dinner, and I’m going to knock out both of my research assignments. I think we’re going to see Man of Steel tomorrow, but I’m not sure yet. Everyone says its awesome, but we just have a lot to get done this Friday. On the bright side, I’m so used to being up at 4:30am every morning that I was up and ready to go at 6:30 this morning. I think I’ve accepted my fate as far as my inability to sleep in is concerned, but its still kind of depressing. I miss getting up at noon 😦

So Monday before last. I am taking my class when I get the rainbow spinner of death. Anyone who owns a Mac knows what I’m talking about. And nothing responds. I restart, same thing. I start to panic. I haven’t had a backup external hard drive since we moved almost two years ago and mine took a crap. I get on my phone, google the symptoms, find out my hard drive has crashed. Fantastic. so I load my startup CD into the external CD player and pray it works. it does, but now I have the OS from when I got the computer four years ago. Fuck that shit, I go and buy the new from apple and have to start over from scratch. Thankfully I had my pictures stored online, but all my documents and music are gone. Including all the research for my two research papers.

Last Thursday sucked balls too. Giant furry monkey balls. We got home from work, cranked the air down and went to go chill for a little bit before starting dinner. About half an hour later we realize its not getting any cooler. We can hear the a/c going and can feel kind of cold air coming out of the vents, so we did what any responsible home owners would do and checked google. Then Joe goes outside to the ac unit itself. The motor is going, but the fan isn’t moving AT ALL. Fuck me sideways with a pineapple. Return to google, find out its probably the a/c capacitor, a relatively cheap fix if you have the right tools.

Snag. Joe is half Jewish, he doesn’t have a DIY bone in his body. We have a few screwdrivers and a wrench, and we need a socket wrench to even get the cover off to verify its the a/c capacitor. And by now its getting dark, and we don’t own a flash light. And the house just keeps getting fucking hotter. We live in Phoenix, and its summer. Its been 110+ the entire week, and we have a dog and a cat locked in our now 2,000+ sq ft oven of a house. So we do the only logical thing we can think of, and call the a/c company who services our a/c every six months to find out if they will come fix it and we can pay them when we get paid THE NEXT DAY. They say no, so we call Joe’s mom, who says we can come stay with her until we can get it fixed.

She also reminds us we have a home warranty, and we should probably call to see if they will pay to fix it. They will, oh thank heavens. And they’ll wait to take out the deductible until we get paid tomorrow. So we throw clothes in a suitcase, catch the cat and throw her in the car, then load up the dog and escape the furnace before we kill each other. And then the a/c company calls. They can’t be out till Monday. So Joe calls work and asks if he can have Monday off, of course they say no because he was moving to a new location that Monday, so he practically had to BEG to get Tuesday off. He calls the a/c company back and they agree to move it to Tuesday.

We spend the next five days crammed into a 1,400 sq ft house with four other people, two of whom have issues with showering on the weekends because they are lazy asses that can’t be bothered to do anything but smoke like crazy and lay around the house in their boxers and shirts that barely cover their stomachs. And then there is Harley. And their dog. And their cats. And our cat. Our cat is not speaking to us and refuses to come out from under the bed. Every time we bring Harley out to go to the bathroom, their dog flips her shit and the cats try to kill Harley on more than one occasion. And we have to go to work on Friday and Monday.

I have never been happier to see my bed in my entire life. We get home on Tuesday, I rip my bra off faster than you can say boobs, and I lay down for what feels like an eternity. I savor the cold air on my back and kiss my computer.

Time to go donate blood, I’ll check back later!


5 thoughts on “Yes, I realize I’m a flake-tastic flake

    • I’ve never been happier to have A/C in my entire life than when I came home Tuesday evening and could feel it cooling down again 🙂

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