To those of you venturing over here from Xanga, thank you! I know this is a hard time for a lot of people, especially for us Xanga old timers that have been there forever, cultivated friendships, or even got our blogging start there. I won’t speak about how I feel about the whole thing, as I’ve already expressed that in several other places, but suffice it to say I’m more than a little upset about how the Xanga team is handling the situation. But enough about that!

Life has been interesting as of late. I’m working through a temp agency at the moment, currently working for a company that sells bullet reloaders. For those of you who have no idea what that is and/or means, its basically a machine that makes bullets (for guns, obviously) so that people can be batshit crazy and make their own bullets without blowing themselves up. Ever since the rash of recent mass shootings and certain groups of people calling fro tighter gun control, people have apparently stopped taking their crazy meds and think its a good idea to make their own bullets at home.

The phones have been blowing up, orders are back ordered at least two months, and the good ole boys who run the place have no idea how to operate a switchboard, so in I step to the rescue. I started last Thursday and have been reliably informed its at least a 3-4 month assignment with the possibility of getting hired on full time should they decide they need someone long term. Given the current political climate, I think I may have a job with them for a long time, but I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.

The last job I was working said six week assignment with the potential for longer, decided after three weeks that they didn’t need me and didn’t even have the balls to tell me to my face, they made the temp agency call and tell me while I was sitting in the break room waiting for Joe to come and pick me up. Assholes. So I did the only reasonable thing I could think of, I walked back upstairs, handed in my security badge, and walked out. Of course I had to sit outside in the heat for another half an hour for Joe to come and get me.

The good news was, the temp agency had a job interview already lined up for me when she called to tell me that my assignment was ending. The bad news is, I rocked the interview, but apparently I was too nice, so they decided to go with another candidate. TOO NICE?!?!?! WTF is TOO NICE?!?!?!?! I found out this past Tuesday that I didn’t get the job, and its still annoying the hell out of me. Grr.

But then she called on Wednesday and said she already had a job lined up for me and I didn’t even need to interview for it. Woohoo! And I get to wear jeans, tshirts, and sandals to work! And they have free coffee less than 10 feet from my desk! The equipment is horribly outdated (my mom used the same switchboard back in 1986), and its mostly men, but otherwise, I think it’ll be a good fit for me. I just can’t wear horribly low cut tops unless I want 20+ dudes staring at my tata’s all day, but otherwise I think I’ll be okay 🙂

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so they are coming over today for dinner made by Joe and cake made by yours truly. We’re having mac n’ cheese with chicken and bacon in it with a salad for dinner, and a super yummy and delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (all made from scratch btw, none of that boxed nonsense) for dessert. I planned to surprise her with the cake, but then she told me she was stopping to get a cake from coldstone on the way to our house, so I had to let her know, oh well 😦

School has been going well. We are halfway through the session for one of my classes and I have an A in that class, and almost to the halfway point with the other class and I also have an A in that class. They dropped tuition prices after I had figured out my financial aid, so I got a check for almost $430 yesterday and should be getting another check for over $2,000 in mid September. Of course its all going to pay off bills, but I’m not that upset about it. Hopefully we pay down most of the bills by the September check so I can get a new computer, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, I think that is everything at the moment. Joe and I celebrated four years together last night by going out and grubbing on some ridiculous BBQ and ice cream after that, and now I get to go clean like a mad woman so it doesn’t look like my dog exploded all over our house. Have a good day!


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m crossing over from Xanga too. I’m definitely sad about having to move, and I hate how the Xanga team handled the situation. I wish they would have given us more notice! Maybe we could have done something differently. I don’t know, it’s just frustrating. A lot of Xangans are migrating over to WordPress so I’m really hoping we can rebuild our community here.

    • I was pretty upset too. I mean, I saw it coming, but it doesn’t really make it any easier. I’ve been on WP now for a while though, and I really like the platform, so hopefully there will be more displaced xangans to interact with.

      I’ll be posting an update tonight once I get home from work with a bunch of my other sites, so make sure to check back for that!


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