Mind = Blown

The God Delusion

That title isn’t an exaggeration. In Dawkin’s book The God Delusion he talks about a series of islands in the pacific that were occupied by Allied forces during WWII. The natives of the island had been living in relative obscurity compared to the rest of the world, and the things the “white men” brought with them astounded the natives to the point that they began to worship them. They’re called cargo cults, and the natives truly believed the ships to be gods worthy of WORSHIP because the white men had RADIOS and sent broken stuff away on the huge ships (and eventually planes), only to have new stuff replaced by those big ships. They were even convinced that the movements of the soldiers (marching in formation, wearing matching uniforms, etc) was a form of worship to their god to encourage him to send more stuff. They even believe that there will be an apocalypse and second coming of the ship gods.

The crazy part? Each of these islands, which are relatively secluded from one another and the outside world formed different cults almost SIMULTANEOUSLY. Go wrap your brain around THAT one.


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