Me and Religion

The God Delusion

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you will know that I honestly don’t know what I believe as far as god is concerned. Do I believe there is possibly a god out there? Yes. I think there is a chance there is some form of a higher power out there, but I don’t live my life like he is concerned about what I do on a daily basis. If he was, I probably would have been struck dead by now, but I digress. If I were to put it in numbers, I would say I fall pretty close to a 6 on the Dawkins Scale, and that is only because science hasn’t been able to completely rule out the existence of a higher being just yet. And I don’t know enough about Evolution and the Big Bang Theory and science in general to say for certain there is no god, so I will wait.

Coming from an EXTREMELY religious family, my lack of belief in their version of god can present some difficulties. My mom is concerned, but she knows better than to talk religion with me, but my dad and brother seem to think it is their mission in life to get me and Joe to convert to Christianity, which simply is not happening. Even if they could convince me there is definitely a god out there (which they have failed to do so far), they would then have to convince me that their version of god is also correct (which they definitely haven’t done). But whenever they ask me what i do believe, I can’t really give them an answer. My lack of belief in anything makes it extremely difficult to define what I believe. Apparently nothing is not an answer, so I decided to read up on the subject.

So I loaded my kindle (and my goodreads account, which you can find HERE) up with plenty of reading on the subject of atheism and science in general, with some Buddhist teachings to liven it up a bit. To be fair, I’ll also be reading the Christian bible cover to cover, and if I’m feeling froggy, I might even throw in the Qur’an for good measure, if for no other reason than to say I’ve done it. That way I can say once and for all what I do and don’t believe, and hopefully at the end I will be more confident in my lack of faith. I’ll be jotting down my thoughts here as I go along, so be warned, those posts may be slightly chaotic and unpolished.


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